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Will it blend: So you think you can Blend

So you think you can Blend

Don't Try This At Home
If you have a great recipe and a social media account,...
Will it blend: Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV

Don't Try This At Home
We know that Grand Theft Auto IV can be played on...
Will it blend: S***r B**l Blend-Off

S***r B**l Blend-Off

Don't Try This At Home
It's time for the annual professional football...
Will it blend: Ice Into Snow

Ice Into Snow

Try This At Home
Ice cubes turned into the "Greatest Snow On Earth"
Will it blend: Doritos


Don't Try This At Home
Will Doritos blend? Of course! As always, Tom tries to...
Will it blend: Pool Cue

Pool Cue

Don't Try This At Home
Tom lost to his granddaughter while playing pool. Watch as...
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